528 Radio application for Android and iOS

Technologies used for this project:

  • Kotlin and Android SDK
  • Swift and iOS SDK

528 Radio application for Android and iOS


Create internet radio player for 528radio.com website


Sherri Kane already has an internet radio player application in Google Play and App Store, it was not updated since 2013. She wanted to update application for a bit.

Another difficulty is that original apps were made using Cordova framework. And Sherri Kane recovered sources only for iPhone version. Android radio app sources were lost.

So, I decided to make her two new apps from scratch, and meanwhile apply some changes to radio API, particularly:

1. Instead of built-in ads, make a network API to get advertisement
2. Set up HTTPS for both radio stream and API, since it is a new requirement from Apple

Android app was developed using Kotlin, and iOS app was developed using Swift. Development and testing were quick and easy, and soon both apps were placed in App Store and Google Play.

Android version:

IOS version:


“I have been working with Fish Run Games team for over a year and they are a phenomenal company with excellent technical expertise. I would highly recommend them.”

Sherri Kane,