Body tracking Windows program

Technologies used for this project:

  • C++
  • Torch7
  • Lua
  • CUDA

Body tracking Windows program


Find solution for real-time body tracking engine


One of the best solutions was binary body tracking model from Adrian Bulat

Adrian Bulat trained a model for body tracking using Torch7 framework. He provides code for using model and for training. Code is written in Lua, and it is published on Github under open source license. His solution was utilizing CUDA, it worked quite fast, and it suited our needs except for two issues:

1. It was built for Linux
2. It was working with pictures

First problem was solved by porting solution code to Windows. In general, Torch7 can successfully run on Windows, although some of modules caused headache during porting.

As for second problem, the proper solution would be applying human recognition tool to the video output, cut out human figures and send them to the body tracker input. At last, I need to wrap all this solution into a portable version. So I built Visual Studio project and packed it with all needed neural network models, Torch7 framework, CUDA and all required DLL files.

Now it works just great.