Griefstore (杂货店)

Technologies used for this project:

  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • Java and Android SDK
  • Swift and iOS SDK

Griefstore (杂货店)


Fix up Griefstore backend.


Griefstore is an social network application in China. Users in Griefstore can exchange letters with each other, or send letters to Grandpa, and Grandpa will reply them. Best stories are published in the newsfeed, where other users can comment or share the story.

Originally I was working on the Griefstore mobile application. However, after a while, Vocinno contacted me to help fixing backend for Griefstore. By the time original development team already quit the company, so I have to restore backend structure.

At first, I logged in to hosting panels, to check out what is happening. As I recognized, Griefstore backend was hosted on uCloud, on several Ubuntu dedicated servers. Griefstore used two databases, one is MySQL and another one is MongoDB. All Griefstore services were written on NodeJS and were running on dedicated servers as microservices. Additionally, Griefstore backend included ElasticSearch, ZooKeeper and Redis. Image files were also served by CDN. As for frontend, Griefstore consisted of Android app, iPhone app, admin panel.

So, after I collected all the information, I cloned git repositories to Fish Run Games Gitlab server, copied databases from backups, and replicated architecture on Amazon AWS, as "development system". Fish Run Games team started working on fixing backend bugs and implementing features requested by Vocinno. After testing, all changes were applied to production.