Porting ThreadsES application for iPad

Technologies used for this project:

  • C++
  • OpenGL
  • GLSL

Porting ThreadsES application for iPad


Reimplement ThreadES application UI using OpenGL and port ThreadES on iPad


ThreadES is originally a Windows application that allows users to create custom embroidery pattern for embroidery machines. However, customer wanted to make it become available for iPad, too. So, customer wanted to reimplement classic Windows UI on OpenGL, basically, just make a simply Windows-like UI system.

For this task, I reused some code from Fish Run Games proprietary rendering engine. In addition, embroidery area was rendered using deprecated functions glBegin/glEnd, so I had to replace them with Vertex Buffers, to make them available on OpenGL ES.

That was tough work, but finally this work is over, and ThreadsES app is available on the App Store now.


“I highly recommend FRGs! They are great. Almost 2 years continuous project we are working on together here and there and still going strong. Thanks!”

Joshua Paschal,