ThreadsES membership website

Technologies used for this project:

  • PHP
  • Yii2 Framework
  • MySQL

ThreadsES membership website


Create a website for ThreadsES users to license ThreadsES application and pay for membership


Since other customer's websites were using PHP-based technology stack, we decided to use PHP. The website should be multi-purposal, so we choose to create it using Yii2, universal PHP framework. For payment processing, we use both Paypal Braintree SDK and SDK. As for database, we choose to use MySQL because it supports transactions, it is small and reliable.

Yii2 Framework worked successfully, and ThreadsES membership website was successfully developed and released online. After release, customer requested to add more administration features to it. Since Yii2 Framework is module-based, new features were released as additional components to the main website.


“I highly recommend FRGs! They are great. Almost 2 years continuous project we are working on together here and there and still going strong. Thanks!”

Joshua Paschal,